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Tour Management
Software (TMS)

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Tour Management

The bespoke tour management software built for some of the World's largest golf tours

Manage every element of a tour using the suite of tools that encompass the entire journey of a golf tournament.

A whole Golf tournament can be run and administered allowing competitors to enter via digital user interface (mobile Apps and Website), registration for competitions on site, Live scoring system to collect scores from the course, Verification tools, real time Scoring integration on websites and apps and paying out of funds on running a Final Result.

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Data Entry

Populate Your Tournament

A full tournament system that allows you to create tournaments that can be accessed by multiple tiers of users. The golf tournaments come in multiple formats and allows app and website users to enter and pay.

Live scoring on your website and app lets participants and their friends see the action in real-time.

Live Scoring

Accurate Realtime Scoring System

Like all sports, Golf is based around scoring. Unlike almost and other sport, Golf can have an incredible large amount of scores and data points. To ask humans to accurately record, compute and transmit this much data over the course of a full professional tournament is asking for mistakes to be made. With highly configurable OCS Live Scoring system, scores can be sent in realtime from the course back to the OCS system and pushed out to the world via feeds on websites and Apps.

Live Scoring
Data Intergration

Seamless Digital Integration

Accurate Realtime Scoring System

The benefit of a vertically integrated system like OCS is the ability to rapidly collect, analyse, process and disseminate data. With this in mind we have built the fastest website and app scoreboards in the world. Within 0.10 seconds of a score being entered on a Golf course in South Africa, a user in California will see the score reflected on the leaderboard on the website and app.

Only our vertically integrated scoring system can provide this level of performance.